Case Background Chronology / Case Narrative Template

These instructions are meant to be used by client’s on their cases in order to work more effectively and efficiently with their attorney, they don’t need to be perfect, but the better they are the more time you may be able to save your attorney and therefore you may save money on fees.  This said, please try to follow this format:

1. Create a word processor file and in it create an auto-enumerated numbered list to separate the paragraphs.

2. Each paragraph should be no more than 2 non-compound sentences or one compound sentence. This means that you should keep it to one or two sentences per enumerated paragraph and only include the essential details that will be used toward proving your claims or defenses to claims. There should be no more than 25 paragraphs in your case background chronology in total.

3. The events should be listed from the earliest date to the most recent date and only the material and relevant events that gave rise to your claims should be included.

4. If you name an individual, organization, or business entity in one of the sentences please include their complete name, address, and any other contact details that you are aware of, you need only do this the first time that the name is mentioned. Any other biographical details or descriptors that are relevant can be included the first time the name is mentioned as well.

5. If you mention or cite a document in one of the aforementioned paragraphs include it as an exhibit; exhibits must be in PDF format, right side up, and as clear and legible as possible; further the filename should be listed at the end of the paragraph in a format such as this (Exhibit A – 2016-03-08 Agreement with Contractor.pdf)